Mission, Vision & History

History of the School

The Ellen R. Hathaway School was erected in 1962. Ellen R. Hathaway was a philanthropist, living around 1930, donating to such groups as St. Luke's Hospital. Of the same last name, Horatio Hathaway founded Hathaway Manufacturing Co. in 1888 as a cotton mill. The company eventually became Berkshire-Hathaway Co.

New Bedford Public Schools Mission and Vision Statement

We are committed to developing a community of learners who are academically proficient,demonstrate strong character and exhibit self confidence.

As whalers' oil provided light to the world, so shall New Bedford students shine with academic excellence.

Ellen R. Hathaway School


It is the vision of the Ellen R. Hathaway School that every student enters the middle school with a comprehensive set of basic skills and the higher-order thinking strategies needed to solve complex contextual problems. Students will feel pride in their use of quality effort and good strategies. Skills are taught in caring and positive classroom environments dedicated to academic achievement, social success and safety for all.

School Belief

Our belief at Ellen R. Hathaway School is students build skills through individual assessment and standards-based curriculum taught in a variety of ways to match student's learning styles.

We believe that students will develop abilities to apply their skills to real and simulated problems through the development of high-order thinking skills. We believe that student will develop abilities to work together effectively, respectfully and cooperatively in a fair and ethical learning environment. We believe that students will develop a pride in accomplishing challenging tasks and a determination in overcoming failure as part of the learning process. We believe it is vital to develop professional learning groups for teachers and paraprofessionals focused on standards-driven instruction.